Student Blogging Project: Math Movie Network

Mr. Avery’s class found a fantastic way to share their skills with the public using interesting topics and methods. As a math teacher, I found the post including the video about adding decimals impressive. You can read the post and view the video here:

Students used the statistics from the top grossing movies to demonstrate adding decimals. Student anchors introduced each guest and the students made the lesson informational for others struggling with the concept. Students worked together and it was clear that this was a student-led project.

I have been interested in widening the audience for my students and student video creation is one method I plan on using. This student project could be used in my classroom, especially for extension projects at the end of the year. The fact that Mr. Avery’s class’ involves the entire class in the creation of a video is a fantastic idea. All students are engaged and invested. I may modify this and ask my students to create videos in small groups (perhaps on different topics). Either way, my students will practice working with others and will be sharing their knowledge with the world.

2 thoughts on “Student Blogging Project: Math Movie Network

  1. Mr. Avery sure knows how to engage his students! This is a wonderful lesson that is sure to excite, engage, and educate all of his students. As you state, this could be modified in a number of ways. Students love to create videos of their own, so I think that would be a great way to bring this type of lesson into your classroom. Additionally, having students work together is a great way to encourage interpersonal skills, problem solving, and critical thinking skills.

    Sometimes I feel like you guys are doing all the dirty work for me on these types of assignments, because inevitably people find resources that I end up using! I would say this is one of those blogs, so good find! I really enjoyed watching the videos of the kids, and you can tell they enjoyed making them!

    I started clicking around his site, and his blog is such a wealth of information! He even created his own YouTube videos that explain everything from Google Docs to coding!


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